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VOS3000 VOIP Switch Empty VOS3000 VOIP Switch

Post  voiptone on Sun Nov 30, 2014 5:02 am

VOS3000 Switch Version / VOIPSWITCH

DESH HOST own Data Center Dedicated & Cloud Linux Server:

100 CC |VOS3000| v2.1.1.5| Monthly Rent-$75=BDT.5000/- Taka
500 CC |VOS3000| v2.1.1.5| Monthly Rent-$100=BDT.7000/- Taka
1000 CC |VOS3000| v2.1.2.0| Monthly Rent-$150=BDT.10000/- Taka
2000 CC |VOS3000| v2.1.2.0| Monthly Rent-$175=BDT.12000/- Taka
3000 CC |VOS3000| V2.1.2.4| Monthly Rent-$250=BDT.16000/- Taka
5000 CC |VOS3000| V2.1.2.4| Monthly Rent-$350=BDT.25000/- Taka

Please connect:
Cell: +639053703374
Viber+WhatsApp+Wechat+Line: +639053703374
Skype: sabbir-desh
Gmail: voipsabbirkhan@gmail.com
Yahoo: voipsabbirkhan@yahoo.com
Email: sabbir@desh-telecom.com


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