Mobi-Xpress is looking for Non Cli route !!!

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Mobi-Xpress is looking for Non Cli route !!!

Post  adrian.mobixpress on Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:00 pm

MobiXpress boasts over 500 interconnects around the world, and offers three service plans to provide your business with the perfect price and quality combination to meet your needs. Our entire network is built up using carrier grade equipment, switching and hardware from vendors such as Cisco and Dialogic, through to cutting edge open-source software to handle switching and application logic. All of our equipment adheres to strict SIP standards.
We have good volume of traffic for below destinations :
Note : This is average volume per day according to Feb 2017 . Volumes can rise/decline and is not fixed.
Brazil : 580k
Paraguay : 310k
Uruguay : 285k
Argentina : 370k
Chile : 292k
French Guiana : 128k
Suriname : 80k
Guyana : 110k
Venezuela : 260k
Coloumbo : 285k
Ecuador : 175k
Peru : 254k
Bolivia : 318k
Panama : 92k
Costa Rica 48k
Nicaragua : 77k
Hondurus : 85k
Guatemala : 58k
Mexico : 48k

Offer your best rate with stats and capacity.

Adrian Miller,
MobiXpress Incs,
10813 S River Front Park,
Suite 300 South Jordan
UT 84095
United States
Skype : live:d0402f912a468c5f
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