Tunisia,Nigeria,Zimbabwe Econet,Rwanda MTN,Niger Ncli route

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Tunisia,Nigeria,Zimbabwe Econet,Rwanda MTN,Niger Ncli route

Post  Adam.ray on Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:23 am

Dear Partner
I am Adam, Business development officer of Ray Corporation LTD. Skype ID: sales1.ray
We provide million traffic this destination.
## Have live traffic this destination >>>>
Afghanistan All
Ethiopia All
Maldives Mobile All
Senegal Mobile All
Saudi Mobile All
Cameroon Mobile All
Albania All
Jamaica All
Chad mobile All
Ghana mobile All
Kenya safaricom
Morocco mobile all
Niger mobile All
Nepal Nt
Mali All
Mozambique mobile All
Laos Mobile
Tunisia All
Zimbabwe All

If you are looking for huge traffic, so contact me on Skype.
Best regard
Adam Evanovich
Skype: sales1.ray
Mail: sales1@ray-corporation.com
Business Development Officer

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