Urgently need African & middles Ncli route only

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Urgently need African & middles Ncli route only

Post  Adam.ray on Thu Jul 06, 2017 12:09 pm

Dear Partner
I am Adam, Business development officer of Ray Corporation LTD. Skype ID: sales1.ray
We provide million traffic this destination ….
Urgently need >>>>>>>
## Have live traffic this destination >>>>
>> Afghanistan
>>Ivory Coast
{Also looking for bellow destination }

# Albania
# Algeria
# Chad
# Cuba
# Ghana
# Thailand
# Pakistan
# Madagascar

>>> Requirement: 25% ASR 2-3 minute ACD also 100% Fas free<<<<

If you are looking for huge traffic, so contact me on Skype.
Best regard
Adam Evanovich
Skype: sales1.ray & sales1@ray-corporation.com
Mail: sales1@ray-corporation.com

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