!! Selling cli and cc cli routes @ aggressive rates !!

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!! Selling cli and cc cli routes @ aggressive rates !!

Post  vishnu voictel on Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:33 am

Voictel offering

China cli all anis passing route

Offering China CLI ANi.. 86xxxx +86xxxxx 086xxxxx +086xxxxx 00086xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx 0xxxxxxxxxx 21xxxxxxxx 87xxxxxxxx 85xxxxx 021xxxxxxx 99xxxxxx
400xxxxxxx 86xxxxx110 086xxxx110 all ANI passing ...@ aggressive rates

Malyasia cli

Taiwan cli

Hongkong cli

Thailand cli

china cc cli

HK cc cli

Sin gapore cc cli

Vietnam cc cli

Australia cc cli

Malaysia cc cli

Thailand cc cli

Spain cc cli

France cc cli

UK cc cli

Macau cc cli

Payment term : prepay

Please contact on Skype : vishnu voictel ; Mail id : sales@voictel.com

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