Live traffic for Uganda,Afghanistan,Philippines ,Nigeria,Nepal, Madagascar Ncli Rout

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Live traffic for Uganda,Afghanistan,Philippines ,Nigeria,Nepal, Madagascar Ncli Rout

Post  kimy.huaallen on Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:45 am

We Urgently Need Following Routes:
Pakistan/ncli 9230/9231/9233/9234/92landline
Indonesia/Ncli 628TK
Ethiopia/ncli 251
UGANDA/ncli 256 MTN
India/ncli 91
BD/nli 8801
Azerbaijan/ncli 994
Georgia/Ncli 995
Cuba/ncli 53
Sudan/Ncli 249MTN
Nigeria/Ncli 234
DR Congo/ncli 243
South Sudan/Ncli 211
And other Africa non cli routes needed !
Don't hesitate contact me on below details .
We look forward to doing some business with you !

skype: kimy.huaallen
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