Live traffic on Muritania/Azerbaijan/Cambodia/Cuba/Uganda/Af

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Live traffic on Muritania/Azerbaijan/Cambodia/Cuba/Uganda/Af

Post  roy huaallen on Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:51 am

India 91
Pakistan 92
Afghansitan MTN 9376/9377
Cuba 53
Sri Lanka Mobile - Dialog 947
Egypt Mobile - Vodafone 2010
Benin Mobile - MTN 229
Myanmar Mobile 95
Bangladesh Mobile 8801
Philippines 63
Indonesia Mobile - Telkomsel 628
Nigeria 234
Ethiopia 251
Tunisia 216
Laos 856
Chad 235

If you have any of this with stable and good quality route we can provide you more traffic, feel free to contact us.

Skype: live:278905751

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