Looking for voice and SMS business

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Looking for voice and SMS business

Post  skylinevicky on Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:06 pm

Voice: Looking Pakistan BD India Ethioipa Sudan Indonesia Eritrea Chad Nepal Asia and Africa direct routes urgently
Huge live traffic everyday as below:
BD 1000k India 1500k Pakistan 600k
Ethiopia 300K Sudan 60k Eritrea 40k Chad 20k Nepal 400k Indonesia 1000k
Please contact me as long as you have any of these routes.

SMS: China Skyline is dealing China local 0-hop direct SMS service with best price and quality.
China sms service features:
1, full handset DLR
2. supporting fixed long numeric code sender ID
3, high delivery rate 
4, best price
5, free testing
If your side have needs for China SMS service , please feel free to contact me.

Skype: chinaskylinevicky
What’app: +8618825203614
Email: vicky@chinaskyline.net


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